What Should Our Mayor Do?

If you’ve read the London Free Press today, you’ve no doubt found out about the “inappropriate relationship” between Mayor Brown and Deputy Mayor Cassidy. As usual in instances of political affairs, some are calling for the mayor to resign, while others are saying he is fit to lead.

What should Mr. Brown do next?

Whether or not Mr. Brown should continue as mayor hinges on one argument: Some people are capable of separating their personal lives from their professional ones. We have to ask, is this a valid defense for Mr. Brown?

During his campaign in 2014, he was described by Metro News as someone who draws his inspiration from family. When he released his platform as part of the campaign, he emphasized “zero tolerance for poor behaviour and bad ethics.”

What is ethically acceptable to one person may not be to another. Ethics are relative. Despite this, one could argue that his reaction to his actions (the “affair”, “inappropriate relationship”) runs counter to his personal ethics, or in other words, is bad ethics. If the actions violate his personal ethics, then if someone else were to commit them, he would likely consider that to be poor behaviour.

By applying his admission (“inappropriate relationship”) to his own campaign test (“zero tolerance for poor behaviour and bad ethics.”), what Mr. Brown should do next becomes very clear.

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