Recently I had the pleasure of delivering a data science lecture for the University of Saskatchewan’s School of Public Policy. After that lecture, I decided to re-record a few choice bits for a more global audience.

This series of videos takes a quick look at how to install Anaconda, an all-in-one programming setup for data analytics, and then how to read in CSV (comma-separated value) files, clean them, and export them again.

Part 0: Install Anaconda

Part 1: Intro to Python & Spyder

Part 2: What is a CSV File?

Part 3: Basic Data Cleaning

Part 4: Combine DataFrames

Part 5: Combine DataFrames Continued

Links to the Data Files used:

2428.csv – Admissions to the Youth Justice System: Admission Type

2429.csv – Admissions to the Youth Justice System: Most Serious Offence

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