This holiday season, I got to celebrate by having not one, but two back-to-back colds. As pervasive boredom began to set hold, I decided I needed to do something productive with my holidays.

Then, my fiancee (yes, I proposed at Christmas and she said YES!) and I were talking about one of her volunteer activities. She’s part of a swing dance community, and they’re trying to up their social media game. One of their challenges is how to get nice watermarked photos online without spending oodles of time in an image editor.

Making image editors isn’t new for me. In the past, I’ve designed entire animation studio apps for my own use. I’ve also created custom social media promo image generators for my various ventures. The problem with most of them is they’re fairly custom and hard-coded for their task.

Her challenge got me thinking.

“Could I refine what I’ve written in the past and make a quick image watermark app?”

I scrounged around my source library and found bits and pieces. Plus, I’ve been looking for an excuse to play with .NET Core 3.

A day of coding later, and here it is. The Watermark App!


Why Use It?

Did the world need another image editor? Nope. But I did need a quick way to watermark photos. Plus my fiancee needed one too. And she’s not a programmer like me. No command line nonsense. Pick your folder of photos, pick your watermarks, and export. Done.

In the spirit of the holidays, I’m making it free to use. No strings attached. Seriously.

You can even download the source and make it better if you want.

All I ask in return is that if you find it valuable, perhaps go write a review about it, or buy my book.

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