Dr. Roger Lee Ray Gives us a Christian Argument for Universal Basic Income – Let’s Solve The Universe #31


With the pandemic upon us, there have been renewed calls for Universal Basic Income. Could it work? Are we morally obligated to implement such an idea? Dr. Roger Lee Ray takes us through his argument for UBI.

Dr. Roger Lee Ray is the pastor of the Community Christian Church in Springfield and the author of Progressive Faith and Practice and his recently released book, Meditations.

DR RAY’S BOOK – MEDITATIONS: https://www.amazon.ca/Meditations-Post-theistic-Prayers-Progressive-Congregations/dp/1532684169

Published by Elias Puurunen

Elias Puurunen is a versatile entrepreneur and President of Northern HCI Solutions Inc., an IT consulting firm which has worked with Fortune 500 companies, governments, and startups. He has spoken at conferences in Canada and the United States and has been published around the world. Part of his work led to an agreement between the Canadian Government and Siemens Canada, creating jobs and investment into green infrastructure. His company's event management app, the Tractus Event Passport connects people at conferences, seminars and symposiums across Canada. Today he is a consultant and advisor to technology firms and government organizations. He lectures at the University of Waterloo on Coding for Policy Analysis for the School of Public Policy. He is the author of Beyond Passwords: Secure Your Business, a cyber-security book for small business owners.

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