NoCode, Fundamental Learning, and How to Start with Craig Burgess! – Let’s Solve The Universe #32 Systems-based thinking can lead one to great success. But how do you learn it? Craig takes us through the fundamentals, along with some discussion of trends in NoCode software and more. Craig Burgess is Genius Division’s creative director. At weekends, he likes to strangle and grapple fellow Brazilian jiu-jitsu enthusiasts throughout the country. In […]

Generation IV Nuclear Salvation with Mark Schneider! – Let’s Solve The Universe Podcast #30 Nuclear power. Both loved and feared by many. Could it be the ultimate solution in our fight against poverty? Mark Schneider, world-renowned expert on nuclear energy, makes the case for how nuclear could save humanity. Mark Schneider is a nuclear futurist and a leading expert in emerging Gen IV Nuclear ( He has a […]

Differences between switch and if at the IL level, continued

After I posted my first video about switch and if statement performance, I received some constructive criticism suggesting I may have oversimplified the problem. They’re right. I did. I presented a trivial case that was going to perform about the same regardless of the scenario. I decided to try this experiment again. This time, I […]

String Comparisons in C# – Which is faster?

C# subreddit question time again! This time, “Which string comparison method is faster?“ I took a bit of a deep dive to see what each code path does. I decided to compare string.Equals(a, b), string.Equals(b) , ==, and !=. Which one is faster? Which one runs less code? Aside: I have a new YouTube channel […]

foreach() Loops and Functions in C#

Another great question from the C# subreddit. Say you have a foreach loop that looks like the following. Does the function in the foreach iterator get executed each iteration, or is the result cached? There’s two parts to this question as I learned earlier.

Floating Point Division vs. Integer Division in C#

Another great question was asked on the C# subreddit about integer vs. floating point division in C#. In the post, the commenter essentially asked why, if they store the result of their division in a float, does the whole calculation produce the “wrong” answer?

The Six Pillars of Influential Content with Joshua Lisec! – Let’s Solve The Universe Podcast #29 – 2020-04-17 What are the Six Pillars of Influential Content, and how can you use them to get people to do what you want?  Joshua Lisec is The World’s Only Award-Winning, Celebrity-Recommended, #1 International Bestselling Certified Professional Ghostwriter. After achieving his own literary dreams and having multiple novels published by an independent publishing house, Joshua now […]


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