The Minty Amp – My First Altoids Tin Project

My life is filled with embedded computers and tiny components, and I love it. I’ve always had an affinity for underpowered equipment. The limitations force you to become creative. I love working with multi-processor computers, don’t get me wrong. But there is something that fuels my creative drive something fierce when I work with embedded […]

Pattern Matching & Systematic Reduction Continued: How I Learned to Multiply

Last time I talked about memory and memorization I discussed how I learned the Braille alphabet. We reduced the number of symbols to memorize from 64 down to 5, plus a few rules to transform those symbols. I mentioned I wanted to show how I skipped learning the multiplication tables. In elementary school, I hated […]

Pattern Matching & Systematic Reduction: How I Learn New Ideas Efficiently

Throughout my life I have always searched for patterns. I can’t explain why, but I’ve found it’s been the way I’ve learned most efficiently. One example of this is my recent fascination with Braille. I had the chance to play Scrabble recently with someone who is fully blind. It was, no pun intended, an eye-opening […]

Stay Safe Online

This weekend, I set up a computer for a family friend who has never owned a computer for their birthday. As part of their gift, I wrote them up a little guide on how to stay safe while on the Internet. I thought others might get something out of it, so here you go. Download:┬áStay […]

You Are Your Brand

Two years ago, I did a massive relaunch of my company, Northern HCI Solutions. I worked with a designed to come up with a new look, logo, and brand identity. My copy-editor and I came up with some beautiful brochures describing the new service we would provide: the Total Systems Health Check. My company was […]