Performative Speaking with Robbie Crabtree! – Let’s Solve The Universe #33 What is Performative Speaking, and how can you use it to create a mood, feeling, or vibe in your audience to convince them of something? Developed during his career as a trial lawyer, Robbie realized that his tactics could benefit others in all areas of their life. His course, “Performative Speaking” launches September 2020. […]

NoCode, Fundamental Learning, and How to Start with Craig Burgess! – Let’s Solve The Universe #32 Systems-based thinking can lead one to great success. But how do you learn it? Craig takes us through the fundamentals, along with some discussion of trends in NoCode software and more. Craig Burgess is Genius Division’s creative director. At weekends, he likes to strangle and grapple fellow Brazilian jiu-jitsu enthusiasts throughout the country. In […]

Dr. Roger Lee Ray Gives us a Christian Argument for Universal Basic Income – Let’s Solve The Universe #31 With the pandemic upon us, there have been renewed calls for Universal Basic Income. Could it work? Are we morally obligated to implement such an idea? Dr. Roger Lee Ray takes us through his argument for UBI. Dr. Roger Lee Ray is the pastor of the Community Christian Church in Springfield and the author […]

Generation IV Nuclear Salvation with Mark Schneider! – Let’s Solve The Universe Podcast #30 Nuclear power. Both loved and feared by many. Could it be the ultimate solution in our fight against poverty? Mark Schneider, world-renowned expert on nuclear energy, makes the case for how nuclear could save humanity. Mark Schneider is a nuclear futurist and a leading expert in emerging Gen IV Nuclear ( He has a […]

The Six Pillars of Influential Content with Joshua Lisec! – Let’s Solve The Universe Podcast #29 – 2020-04-17 What are the Six Pillars of Influential Content, and how can you use them to get people to do what you want?  Joshua Lisec is The World’s Only Award-Winning, Celebrity-Recommended, #1 International Bestselling Certified Professional Ghostwriter. After achieving his own literary dreams and having multiple novels published by an independent publishing house, Joshua now […]

Janic Gorayeb, the Creative Curator! – Let’s Solve The Universe #28 – 2020-04-17 A few months ago, Janic had an epiphany. She realized that creativity has always been a core part of her life. She realized… she was a Creative Curator! What does that mean, and how can you become more creative? In this episode Janic takes us through personal leadership and creativity. Janic is a Creative […]

Tammy Vallieres, The Hero Intelligence Teacher! – Let’s Solve The Universe #27 – 2020-04-16 What’s a Hero Intelligence Teacher, and how is she transforming the world, one student at a time? Sit back, grab your favorite beverage, and let Tammy explain it all… it’ll change the way you think about education forever! Tammy Vallieres’ life work focuses on improving the quality of people’s lives, especially in the field […]

Carl Franklin, Host of .NET Rocks! – Let’s Solve The Universe #26 – 2019-08-31 Carl Franklin is Executive Vice President of App vNext, a software development firm focused on modern methodologies and technologies. Carl is a 20+ year veteran of the software industry, co-host and founder of .NET Rocks!, the first and most widely listened to podcast for .NET developers, a Microsoft MVP for Developer Technologies, and Senior […]

The Power of Music with Alex Ven – Let’s Solve The Universe #25 – 2020-04-03 Why is music so powerful? How can it be socially transformative? Alex Ven is back to talk about the research he’s done for his upcoming book. Alex Ven is a musician, producer and DJ based in London, Ontario. Self-taught on drums, guitar and various programs such as Ableton, he loves to see how music […]

Mark Henshaw, Live from Wuhan, China – Let’s Solve The Universe #24 – 2020-04-03 Seventy days into lockdown in Wuhan, Mark Henshaw, Canadian ESL Teacher (and all-around epic human being) talks about the COVID-19 virus, what life has been like, and what we can expect going forward. That, plus how online learning is changing the world, and how we’ve come together as a species to make the best […]